Cargo Fireworks

Cargo Fireworks

In Memory Of Daniel R Peters

President Of Cargo Fireworks

Also As A Thank You For The Friendships That Developed With His Customers As He Ran His Cargo Business

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Hand Picked Shows

Here is a list of the hand-picked, top quality shows that are sure to complete any celebration!
**Substitutions of equal or greater performance will be made if a package item is out of stock

Stars & Stripes Aerial Package

This package contains awesome 200g, 350g, and even the big 500g cakes! Celebrate with massive Red, White, and Blue!!

SKU/Item Number: 000001
Price: $309.00

Backyard Aerial Show

This package contains small to medium aerials for great backyard fun!!

SKU/Item Number: 000002
Price: $189.00

Family Friendly Package

This is a great addition to any of the hand picked shows!! It has the items kids love!! …and big kids too! Perfect for backyard, driveway, or just about anywhere outdoors!

SKU/Item Number: 000003
Price: $34.99

Make Some Noise Package

It is part of the experience of fireworks to “put a little BOOM in it!” Gorgeous colors, great crackles, and lots of reports fill this package!!

SKU/Item Number: 000004
Price: $199.00

Evening Delight

Great variety in this one!! Fountains, roman candles, firecrackers, and aerials!!

SKU/Item Number: 000005
Price: $249.00

Lets Step Outside

This one wil keep your party WOWED! All up in the air with some great finale pieces too!

SKU/Item Number: 000006
Price: $509.00

Family Festival

This very popular show has an outstanding ground show along with a sky filling aerial display!! Sure to please everyone!

SKU/Item Number: 000007
Price: $299.00

Nuthin’ But Net

Outstanding show – build up with amazing 200g cakes, caps it off with 3 finale 500g cakes, and sprinkles in mortars for some big bursts in between! Great show!!

SKU/Item Number: 000008
Price: $379.00

Whoop Dee Doo

Loaded with finale cakes!! 15 cakes total, 16 mortar shells, and guaranteed to light up any celebration!!

SKU/Item Number: 000009
Price: $599.00

Go Big or Go Home

All big ones!! Nothing but the biggest, most beautiful, finale cakes! All effects–willows, palms, comets, strobe, color!! Sky filling!! Gorgeous

SKU/Item Number: 000010
Price: $699.00

Heavy on the Heavy!

A beautiful introduction of 200g cakes to all large, 500g finale cakes!! Awesome show!!

SKU/Item Number: 000011
Price: $579.00

Take the Lead

Be #1 with your fireworks show! This package doesn’t mess around with the small guys–EIGHT 500g cakes!

SKU/Item Number: 000012
Price: $399.00

Fire in the Hole!

FOOMP! BANG!! WOW!!! Blast the sky with bangs, crackles, whistles, and great colors!! This package has everything–from the small Lil Buckaroo to the massive breaks of the Exterminator shells!

SKU/Item Number: 000013
Price: $499.00

Cream of the Crop

Bar none, the best fountain show you will ever see in your life! There isn’t a ground show effect that isn’t included in this package!!

SKU/Item Number: 000014
Price: $319.00