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Boom 92  • Ashwaubenon Wisconsin Fireworks Store

Wisconsin’s Largest Fireworks Selection


Here at Boom92 Fireworks, we are OBSESSED with making you happy and we are dedicated to being EPIC!  We achieve these goals through a couple different ways.
First, we offer the LARGEST selection of fireworks in Wisconsin.
Photo by Meagan Hahn: Fireworks light up the sky in a backyard wedding
Champagne Sparklers, Birthday Sparklers, Celebration Sparklers, Bottle Sparklers, New Years Eve Sparklers, Night Club Sparklers, Strobes, Spinners, Willows, Bowties in the sky, Waterfall Effect, 3-Inch Park Show Shells, Gold Storms, Comets, Whistles Bangs, Crackling Popcorn Effect, Rainbows of Color, Soft Beautiful Full Sky Sprays, Rapid Loud Continuous Hullaballoo Action, Purple-Red -Green- Silver- Yellow, Jumping , Jiving, Earth quaking, Breath taking, (we could go on and on!)
Photo by JDog Studios Photography: Beautiful bride and groom look on as our fireworks light up their sky
We want you to have the BEST of the BEST! We have the absolute largest selection of retail fireworks under one roof, available in the entire state of Wisconsin! We have the best prices with friendly personalized service, We are obsessed with making you happy!! We have a 22,000 square foot warehouse filled with over 1,800 items available for retail.
The second reason we are able to achieve our goals is by providing you, our customer, with the best service possible. Not only do we offer the largest selection of fireworks in the state of Wisconsin, but we also are OBSESSED with making you happy. How do we do that? By providing the best staff around! We are all here to make sure you have the best Fourth of July possible! Our staff is like our family, and in some situations, we are family.
Owner Jeane Peters and her son Daniel R. Peters built formerly named Peters Ashwuabenon Uncle Sam’s Fireworks. This dynamic duo was EPIC and provided the best customer service around! The mother son team made sure that wherever you were shooting, whatever your budget, whatever type of firework you wanted… (strobe, fountain, comets, etc.) they had it for you! Both Dan and Jeane were OBSESSED with making sure everything about your Fourth of July was great. They’d even hand-pick the shows for you and let you know what order to shoot them in! They were EPIC!
Unimaginably, in January of 2017 Dan passed unexpectedly. His mother, our staff, friends, and customers felt the loss of our truly essential family member. Peters Ashwaubenon Uncle Sam’s Fireworks continued for one year after the loss, and since we have renamed our business to honor one of the biggest reasons we are so epic.

Dan Peters, laughing at work, bringing that lovely personality everywhere!
We have renamed the store to honor Jeane’s son, and to honor one of our greatest employees. The boom is of course due to Dan’s love of fireworks! He was always our go-to guy when we had questions or needed advice on which firework to pick for a show. He also brought smiles to our customers and staff by providing jokes and even sometimes a funny dance! The 92 represents Dan’s 22 years playing Semi-Professional football under the number 92. We hope to honor him by continuing to bring the same love and dedication he had to each and every one of our staff members and customers. He truly was EPIC!
Boom92 Ashwaubenon Fireworks is still OBSESSED with making you happy and we plan to continue that great customer service and excellence you have grown to love! We want to walk the warehouse proudly for Dan, for Jeane, and for you, our AMAZING customers!!
Our 22,000 square foot warehouse, packed with the LARGEST selection of fireworks in Wisconsin!!
Boom 92 Fireworks Store is conveniently located just off highway 41 and minutes from highway 43 and highway 172. Our large retail fireworks store in Green Bay offers a great fireworks selection which includes 14+ brands and 1800+ different items!! Stop in and check out our massive fireworks selection or give us a call at 920-499-1710.